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At the beginning of the pandemic, all educational institutions switched the educational process to distance learning. CEDIS College also uses the following apps in an online format: ZOOM, Google meet, Google classroom, WhatsApp and DISCORD. I would especially like to highlight the latest DISCORD app. This is the same application that uses video, voice and text channels necessary for conducting a full-fledged lesson.

We have been using DISCORD since the beginning of online training, it is very convenient for both teachers and students. First, it is easily accessible, second, it is easy to use, third, it does not require a lot of costs, and fourth, there is no time limit. I would especially like to note that DISCORD provides such opportunities for connecting other teachers to classes without interrupting the lesson. Thus, young teachers, through mutual attendance of classes, gain experience, receive methodological recommendations, and improve their pedagogical skills. The educational part and the administration of the college also have the opportunity to control the disruption of classes, the attendance of students. This app is a great find in the distance learning format.