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CEDIS College sincerely wishes everyone a happy Victory Day!!! After all, May 9 is not only a beautiful spring day, but also an unforgettable, memorable date!!!There are very few people left who are directly related to this holiday, to whom we personally should now bow at the feet and thank for the peaceful sky above our heads. Let us wish our dear veterans health and longevity and promise that we will do everything so that our children will never learn what war is. And we will make every effort to preserve the memory of those who walked long miles to this victory. Happy holidays!!!н!!!

At the beginning of the pandemic, all educational institutions switched the educational process to distance learning. CEDIS College also uses the following apps in an online format: ZOOM, Google meet, Google classroom, WhatsApp and DISCORD. I would especially like to highlight the latest DISCORD app. This is the same application that uses video, voice and text channels necessary for conducting a full-fledged lesson.

We have been using DISCORD since the beginning of online training, it is very convenient for both teachers and students. First, it is easily accessible, second, it is easy to use, third, it does not require a lot of costs, and fourth, there is no time limit. I would especially like to note that DISCORD provides such opportunities for connecting other teachers to classes without interrupting the lesson. Thus, young teachers, through mutual attendance of classes, gain experience, receive methodological recommendations, and improve their pedagogical skills. The educational part and the administration of the college also have the opportunity to control the disruption of classes, the attendance of students. This app is a great find in the distance learning format.


At CEDIS College, all students who want to become a Programmer, Economist, or Designer are educated. Among them is 20 - year-old Kanat Abdyzhaparov, who is studying in the 3rd year in the group POVT-1-18. Kanat joined us in 2018, majoring in Computer Engineering and Automated Systems Software.

CEDIS College wholeheartedly congratulates its Students and all Kyrgyzstans on the Nooruz holiday!!!

Here comes the wonderful day of the spring equinox! This wonderful holiday brings the renewal of nature and the awakening of the earth from the long cold months. We congratulate all Kyrgyzstans on this spring holiday and wish you to celebrate it with new discoveries, thoughts and changes in your life! Let the joy and sunny mood always reign in your soul!


In 2019, on June 17, another event was held at CEDIS College, or rather, the graduation of our third-year students. This solemn event was celebrated by all students and teachers of the college. This year, 64 students graduated, of which 8 students received a diploma with honors. There was a very rich concert program, which was organized by second-year students. Famous singers also came to congratulate our graduates. The teachers wished the 2019 graduation a bright future and success in all endeavors, and a lot of warm and parting words were spoken. In response, the graduates expressed their gratitude to the teachers and the entire administration of CEDIS College.


At CEDIS College, open classes are held during the Educational Process. Teachers and students carefully prepare for this event. Open lessons and educational events are one of the most important forms of organizing methodological work. An open lesson, in contrast to the usual ones, is a specially prepared form of organizing methodological work, while at the same time, the real educational process takes place in open lessons.