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Dear applicants!

We invite You to the College of Economics, Design and Information Systems (CEDIS). It is in our College that You will find the most popular specialty in the modern world. The right choice depends on the future path of Your life.

CEDIS college differs from other colleges in that:

All specialties are provided with in-depth training using the latest information technologies and systems;
Equips future specialists with modern computer tools in the relevant field;
An individual approach is applied to each student according to his / her training.
After graduation, You can continue your education in the specialized University according to the chosen specialty.

The term of study at the College is:

2 years and 10 months – on the basis of basic General education;
1 year and 10 months – on the basis of secondary education;

Documents for admission:

Document on education (certificate or certificate of education);
Medical certificate form № 086 Y;
Passport or birth certificate (to be presented in person);
6 photo cards size 3*4;