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The mission of the College:

The mission of CEDIS is to train highly qualified specialists of middle professional level in the field of information systems and technologies in various fields of the national economy that meet the changing requirements of the labor market, able to constantly improve their level according to the developing trend of advanced information systems with high cultural and ethical potential.

The mission of the College is to achieve the following strategic goals:

Organization of the educational process in accordance with the requirements of modern educational schools through the development and implementation of new information systems for the conduct and control of the educational process, improvement of curricula in accordance with the requirements of the labor market together with employers and stakeholders, as well as accreditation of vocational education and the formation of highly qualified personnel.

Creation of conditions for versatile development of students by development of the most effective forms of educational work directed on formation of components of harmonious development of the personality.

Constant communication with employers, other stakeholders, building feedback from graduates to ensure constant interaction of College life with the world and flexibility in the activities of the College according to the labor market.

To achieve these goals, the College sets itself the following tasks:

Development of an Automated information system to provide management of all areas of the College, starting with the selection Committee and ending with the release of students: Electronic selection Committee, Personnel Department, Educational part, Electronic statement, Financial management, Information educational portal, Forum. Ensuring the operation of the Information system through the College website.

The development of distance learning technologies for distance education as one of the effective means of expanding educational activities without increasing the area and other costs.
Constant work with the College website: news, advertising, introductory parts, educational portal. Through the site, teachers can exhibit modules, post assignments for students, who can receive information about the subjects for each semester, teachers, get acquainted with the materials, be tested. The relationship of students, employees, graduates, parents, social. partners through the forum.

Conducting financial management for the purpose of rational use of contractual funds with the main emphasis on material and technical support, in accordance with the requirements of the State educational standard, and increasing teachers ' salaries.

A rigorous approach to the selection of teachers and staff, taking into account their professional and moral and ethical potential. The requirement of continuous professional development of teachers.

Scientific activity of employees and students. Development of the main scientific activities of the College, scientific seminars, student scientific conferences, reviews and competitions, developments with the award of winners.

International activity. Communication with foreign educational institutions, exchange of experience, joint activities, development of joint programs for the exchange of students. Conducting courses for employees and students to learn English. Conducting classes in English. Grant - making activities.