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Kubanych Ramatov 

Director of CEDIS College

Candidate of Technical Sciences

The College of Economics, Design and Information Systems (CEDIS) operates in accordance with the curricula, programs, and a license for the right to educational activities as a general education organization with the right to implement a secondary vocational education program and issue a state-issued diploma with a qualification in the chosen specialty.

Currently, the college provides training for mid-level professional staff on a contract basis in the following specialties :

Economics and Accounting (by industry);
Software for Computer Technology and Automated Systems ;
Maintenance of computer equipment and computer networks ;
Applied Computer Science  (by field): in Economics, management, design;
Design (by industry).
The first-year program of study covers the program of grades 10-11. Subsequent courses are the preparation of qualified mid-level specialists in the chosen specialty.

Training at the college is conducted by highly qualified teachers, including candidates of Science, Excellent students of education of the Kyrgyz Republic, senior teachers, teachers of the highest category. The teaching staff of the college systematically works to improve their professional level. To this end, the educational and methodological commission conducts seminars and trainings on the use of innovative technologies in teaching. Systematic work is being carried out to improve the quality of teaching among young professionals.

The college has established a Student Parliament, which includes the best students. The work of the Student Parliament is closely connected with the educational process of the college. Members of Parliament not only provide assistance to the teaching staff, but also acquire leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

The main feature of the college is not only that our graduate receives a brilliant education that meets state educational standards and is based on the best traditions of secondary vocational education, but also that, having a broad outlook and deep professional knowledge, having absorbed the special atmosphere of our college, he goes into life as a person who has the main vital properties: the ability to work with people, the ability to live and work for people.

Education is the foundation of the modern economy, so make good use of all the opportunities that our CADIS College offers you.